Friday, 20 May 2011

perubahan ??

assalamualaikum . 
today i wanna SKEAPING with all the makcik , pakcik , abang , kakak and anak - anak sekalian :) if wrong grammar or WTV , toksah tegor okayy :) kalau korang tegur pun , ADA AKU KESAH ? heeeee :))

the post today like stupid stupid because i'm skeaping . u as a readers JUST READ and PLEASE DO NOT COMPLAINokayy , lets start it :) . as you , me , and all know we need to make a change if u want to be better . but everyone thought that  it is  easy  rite ? actually its very difficult! yeah . but we all can do it if we try harder hah ? am i rite ?  my friends always ask me to change to be myself and i've try .  now my friends always said to me  "I  the new Heidi" haha. Thank you girls.  you too:) if u wanna make a change , u just have to put good intentions in ur hearts. always think " + "  * tp aku tak punn  :P and just be urself . dont copy copy  okayy :)

♥ myself , do you ?

anak-anak saya :)